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Mobile Apps

Over 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. Seventy-four percent of users have purchased as a result of using smartphones whilst shopping. By 2015, mobile commerce will be worth $120 billion.

Mobile commerce is growing extraordinarily fast. Global penetration of mobile devices means that within just a few years mobile will be by a long way the biggest global commercial platform. The size and portability of the devices open up new ways of doing business and will transform businesses in most sectors. But when, where, and how will this happen? And how can you ensure it is more opportunity than threat?

We reveal the facts and trends to help you understand what is happening today and formulate the right strategy for tomorrow. MYME Mobile Apps specializes in assisting clients conceptualize, design, develop, and implement their mobile applications. We offer complete, end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms including iOS, BlackBerry, Android, as well as mobile web.

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