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ERP Business Software

MYME ERP Software is all about technology services that allow your company to share information and reduce costs. We develop web-based business databases that integrate your back-office processes into a single management system. When the input process and data management are streamlined, variability and irregularities can be easily identified, allowing optimization and better control over your business processes. As a result, your business would operate more efficiently in terms of productivity and costs.

We do not follow a specific framework or development methodology. Instead, we acknowledge that your needs, or the needs of different clients and industries we serve, would preclude us from dictating exactly how the development of every project should proceed.

All of our database projects will utilize the best practices in MySQL development and PHP programming. We emphasize our service on flexibility and we subscribe to the principles of agile software development, which means using as much of lightweight design and management procedures as possible, focusing on short, frequent release cycles, and remaining responsive to changing requirements.

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