• Computer Networking

Computer Networking

As your business expands, the infrastructure needed to support daily operations will also grow both in size as well as complexity. But without an optimized network, you may be depriving your business of significant productivity without even realizing it. Whether you need to set up a computer network or simply maintain and optimize an existing network, we are ready to help you.

If you’re new and wondering what computer networking is and why you need it, here’s our brief explanation.

Networking is the practice of linking two or more devices together for the purpose of communication, sharing data, and sharing resources. Simply saying, computer networking promotes connectivity in your business. Several major benefits that you can get from computer networking are:

File sharing: Sharing files manually through thumb-drives is cumbersome, and every time some other users require that same files, they need to be copy-pasted again and again. Why not store your files inside a central, networked server? This way, the files can be accessed easily by authorized users across the whole network at any point of time, instantly and efficiently.

Hardware sharing: Buying multiple printers, scanners, and other hardwares for multiple users is not cost-effective. Most of the time, the devices will be under-utilized and be a waste of space. Why not provide a networked utility station? You can save costs, and maximize the utility of your hardware.

Application sharing: Licensing a software for corporate use, depending on the number of users, may cost you a fortune. Computer networking may allow you to cut down software and licensing costs. Applications or even hardware platforms can be virtualized and shared over the network for different users, significantly cutting your spending on licensing fees.

Backup and Safety: Storing data on one central, networked server not only frees up local storage space on individual computers, but also makes backups of your company data easier and simpler — as long as everyone is storing their data to the storage server, you only have to back up that one machine. A centralized, networked server will also allow greater protection against malware, viruses, or external intrusion.

Aside from these examples, an office network enables a host of other benefits, but the main points are **cost savings** and **increasing productivity**.

MYME can also provide computer networking services to businesses which already have an existing network set in place. Our services include network maintenance, network optimization, and network automation. We will start by analyzing your needs and work our way to address the issues. Some examples of the most commonly encountered issues are: server timing, switching and multiplexing, load balancing, hardware configuration, etc. All of our services come with a satisfaction and full refund guarantee.

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