18 June, 2013 by Myme Tech in Clients, Mobile Apps

Akzara is an educational iPad app for kids that was designed to teach the alphabet and introduce various animals. The app would show a picture of an animal, and players would try to spell its name by dragging a number of letter tiles to their correct positions. Once successful, the animal will animate lively on the screen.

Our goal in developing Akzara is to provide kids with a playful environment and parents with the ability to monitor their children’s progress. We designed a report system that would track the player’s progress in the app every day, and made the data available only to the parents in a protected section of the app.

Akzara was initially developing during Startup Weekend Surabaya 2011, where it was selected as the winning project. Since then, we have polished the app and published it on the App Store. Akzara has also received many positive feedback from app review sites on the web.

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